Food Allergy and Intolerance Awareness

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In April and May, national and international campaigns highlight the significance of food allergy and intolerance awareness, so it is an excellent time to put the spotlight on this important topic and share our commitment to protecting the health and welfare of our clients and customers—a commitment deeply embedded in our culture.

With nearly thirty years of proactive and responsible catering experience, Harrison understands the critical nature of managing food allergens and intolerances and the importance of working in partnership with clients to implement our comprehensive and practical processes for customer safety.

Our partnership approach and proven and established processes, based on legal/statutory requirements such as Food Standards Agency (FSA) guidance and industry best practices, are designed to be practical and minimise the potential for errors. They also support our clients in gathering the required information and instil confidence in all partners that customers’ safety is taken seriously.

Our Food Allergies & Food Intolerances Policy, can be found on our website and also outlines additional practical procedures that are specifically designed to protect young children.

Together, we all understand the importance of implementing and following our robust procedure to protect our customers.