Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Statement

February 2022

Harrison value people as individuals with diverse cultures, lifestyles and circumstances. All employees are covered by this policy and it applies to all areas of employment including recruitment, selection, training, deployment, career development, and promotion. The company is committed not only to its legal obligations but also to the positive promotion of equality of opportunity in all aspects of employment to ensure that all employees whether part time or full time are treated fairly and with respect.

The company recognises that adhering to this Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy (“Policy”), combined with relevant employment policies and practices will benefit all employees in the company as we seek to develop skills and abilities of our people. Harrison recognises the great benefits in having a diverse workforce with different backgrounds, solely employed on skills and ability.

The application of recruitment, training, and promotion policies to all individuals will be on the basis of job requirements and the individual’s ability and merits.

It is the duty of all employees to accept their personal responsibility for the practical application of the Policy through their equal treatment of individuals. The company acknowledges, however, that specific employment responsibilities fall upon managers and that it must ensure they conduct themselves in a non-discriminatory manner in their relationship with actual and potential employees.