Commitment to our people’s wellbeing

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This week is World Wellbeing Week, and we are celebrating this global awareness campaign by affirming our dedication to the wellbeing of our people, who are at the heart of our business. We are devoted to creating a positive work environment.

We have created a culture built on strong, clear, independent family-owned principles and values. Every team member is not only a part of our team but also an integral part of our extended Harrison family, and we are committed to inspiring, nurturing, and developing our people, so they enjoy their roles and respect their colleagues, as well as have fulfilling careers that they can be proud of.

Our approach has proven to promote a happy, motivated, and loyal team, resulting in excellent staff retention, long service, exceptional customer satisfaction, consistently high service standards, increased creativity, with robust engagement and team loyalty.

Our dedication to wellbeing is just one part of our success—our passion for fresh ingredients, flavours, and healthier, balanced food, combined with our drive for excellence and innovation, ensures that we continue to deliver excellent service every day.