Less Waste for Christmas Lunch

17 December 2021

As Christmas fast approaches, food waste remains high on all our agendas. We are all keen to strike the right balance, ensuring everyone has plenty to eat without creating unnecessary food waste.

Mark Stower, Director of Food and Service at Harrison, has provided a useful guide below to assist with planning and keep everyone satisfied whilst reducing excessive waste.


• Whole Turkey 4-6kg will serve 8 – 10 people

• Pigs in blankets 2 -3 per person

• Stuffing 100g or 2 – 3 balls per person

• Potatoes for roasting 225g – 250g per person

• Brussel Sprouts 80g per person

• Carrots 80-100g per person

• Parsnips 80-100g per person


• Christmas Pudding 85g -100g per person

Even with the best planning, it’s not unusual to find that you have some excess festive food. To help minimise the impact of food waste, you can use any left overs to create some delicious meals.

Turkey and cold meats can easily be transformed into curries, pies or pasta bakes. Vegetables and roast potatoes can be made into soups, frittatas or gratin dishes.  Cheeseboards can used for souffles, savoury scones or add variety to macaroni cheese.  Christmas pudding can be crumbled and used as a seasonal topping to ice cream.  Have fun, relaxing and being creative.

We wish you a very enjoyable Christmas and festive season. For more recipe inspiration, please go to https://www.harrisoncatering.co.uk/our-recipes

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