Creating well-balanced meals with fresh seasonal ingredients

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April featured World Health Day, and as adults, we all take responsibility for our health; however, as a caterer with a fresh food ethos, Harrison can influence our customers’ choices by offering well-balanced food all year round.

Our ethos involves our skilled chefs creating a diverse range of exciting, freshly prepared dishes, giving our customers a wide array of choices, including:

  • Ensuring health and wellbeing is centre stage
  • Sourcing quality, fresh seasonal ingredients
  • Reducing the use of ultra-processed food
  • Offering and creating flexible recipes that satisfy varying tastes
  • Training and investing in our people to contribute to our exciting dishes
  • Developing recipes with reduced sugar and increased fibre

We take pride in our fresh food approach (supported by our robust supply chain partners), ensuring we deliver delicious, well-balanced meals and exceptional food service that our customers enjoy.