Harrison uses its knowledge to pioneer expedition recipe booklets

1 November 2017

Harrison takes its responsibility seriously to ensure its customers are provided with healthier, nutritious and well-balanced dishes. It’s important that students’ requirements are understood especially during activities and expeditions off site where energy levels have to be sustained over longer periods of time. 

Harrison has risen to the challenge and developed an expedition recipe booklet with the help of its chefs and company nutritionist.  Claire Aylward, Joint Managing Director said “As a company it’s very important to listen to our customer’s needs and to be flexible in our approach so we can provide the right kinds of food for the right occasion. Once we had identified there was a need for expedition cooking we had no hesitation in creating additional value and supporting our client to create exciting, transportable recipes for cooking on the go whilst sustaining energy levels”.

If you would like to find out more about Harrison please contact info@harrisoncatering.co.uk.


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