Harrison’s passion for fresh food helps promote healthier eating

3 April 2018

Public Health England (PHE), the executive body of the Department of Health and Social Care responsible for protecting and improving public health, has recently published a report setting out plans for calorie reduction across a range of food products1. It is part of a wider programme, which began with sugar reduction, and now challenges the food industry to achieve a 20% reduction in calories by 2024.

Whilst our sector of the industry is not specifically targeted by this programme, Harrison is ideally placed to help people understand more about what they are eating. Our ethos of fresh food remains at the heart of what we do with over 90% of the food we serve prepared from scratch every day using fresh ingredients. We can therefore control the composition of our food and recipes by modifying the content of high calorie ingredients, such as sugars and fats.

Our Eat Well Live Well training programme encourages chefs to consider portion size and to minimise the use of unnecessary fat, sugar and salt in their recipes, replacing them with healthier alternatives and keeping the dishes interesting and enjoyable to eat. We have also developed a range of healthier sugar-reduced bakes and continue development work in this area.

With a passion for food, Harrison will continue to innovate with a fresh offer and promote healthier eating.

Dr Juliet GrayCompany Nutritionist

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