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We work with national and local businesses that we trust, which means fresher ingredients for more balanced and nutritious meals. We cook from ingredients that you can trace all the way to their source and care about what goes into our food. At Harrison, we consider only the best produce for our cooking.

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We’re genuinely passionate about flavours, nutrition and cooking. When you eat a Harrison meal, you’ll be able to tell from the first to the last bite that your food was prepared with care and made specifically for your students. We want to make sure pupils get the most out of their education.

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Harrison are proud to be working with a talented staff, all of whom are on a mission to help young minds develop to their full potential. Our team select the freshest ingredients to deliver dishes to delight, exactly how you want them.

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We know all minds – whether they’re learning sentence structure or writing essays – require nutrition to function at top capacity. Here at Harrison, we advocate healthier food that has both nutritional value and flavours to whet your appetite. For Harrison, your wellbeing is our top priority.

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We’ve searched high and low for the best quality produce and have developed relationships with reliable national and local suppliers. Creating mouth-watering meals means trusting your sources, so we use fresh, traceable ingredients to ensure we’re working with the best possible product.

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Our commitment to quality ingredients is a testament to our dedication to providing excellent catering. We search high and low to source the best produce, using specialist suppliers with impeccable reputations. We’re also very proud to use Vegware Packaging – eco-friendly and completely compostable packaging.

Try our delicious recipes for yourself!

If the images on our site have your mouth watering, then why not try whipping up some of our nutritious, delicious meals for yourself? Our chefs have provided recipes for you to use at your will and even some videos so you can watch the step-by-step process. Harrison believes in eating healthier without having to sacrifice flavour and we encourage everyone to share that philosophy!

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Harrison has been creating enticing, nutritious food for decades. We provide delectable, balanced meals to schools and businesses. You can find out more about Harrison on our group site – just click below. You’ll also find some great recipes for you to try cooking our delicious meals for yourself!