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The quality of our food is partnered with the quality of our service – after all, we can’t put the H in happy cooking without happy staff! Quality isn’t just what we look for in our ingredients, it’s what we offer in our service. Harrison is who we are because we respect what goes into your meal as well as the people that prepare and deliver it.

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At every stage in a student’s life, they need lots of nutrients and a balanced diet to be at their best. Our team work with you to make sure everyone who eats their meal isn’t just enjoying tasty food, but also getting vital nutrition tailored just for them at great value.

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As a multi-award winning caterer we have proven our capacity to deliver on what we promise, and what we promise are delicious, nutrient-rich meals to aid in young people’s education. With over 20 years of experience focused on the wellbeing of our customers, you can rely on Harrison to deliver what you need.

"Harrison Catering Services has provided the school meal service for over a decade now. We have developed a fantastic working relationship. Harrison is not just a contractor, they are a genuine partner, and this has enabled us to make great strides with our school meals and to continually improve the service to the benefit of the children and parents."

Commercial Manager,

School Group

"I would thoroughly recommend and trust Harrison to deliver their promises as a school catering provider. We have found their food to be of the highest standard and their team is always most pleasant and approachable to our students and staff. Harrison also has an impressive management structure through which the school is able to discuss day to day and long term planning matters. We are extremely pleased with the service that we continue to receive."

Director of Support Services,

Senior School

"Our children have extended their palates by trying new foods from around the world carefully prepared on site by Harrison. Our children look forward to their meals and can be heard discussing their food choices with enthusiasm. As such we have had many children swap their packed lunches for a cooked school meal! Harrison understand children’s approaches to food and constantly review their menus to reflect the children’s likes, whilst at the same time introducing them to new foods. All in all an outstanding service delivered by a friendly and flexible team."


Primary School


We all have different nutritional requirements depending on the environment and time of year. Harrison menus are updated to allow optimal quality from seasonal ingredients while also meeting the nutritional needs of students. Our menus offer regional and seasonal variations, but our dedication to sourcing only fresh, trustworthy ingredients is steadfast all year round. 

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Harrison has been creating enticing, nutritious food for decades. We provide delectable, balanced meals to schools and businesses. You can find out more about Harrison on our group site – just click below. You’ll also find some great recipes for you to try cooking our delicious meals for yourself!