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We care about our ingredients all our food is ethically sourced

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cooking from the heart and serving with passion

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fresh seasonal ingredients for happy minds

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we're all about cooking the 'h' in happy

Harrison believes happy cooking is as much about health and nutrition as it is about great food. We put the H in healthier, honest and happy cooking because we understand that quality ingredients from reliable sources make for a nutritious meal for growing students. Nurturing growth is what we’re all about.

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As people with a genuine passion for food, we understand the need for variety! Harrison's chefs aren't just talented, they're passionate about food and each one relishes the chance to create a delicious recipe. With the combined creative skills of our chefs, not only can we guarantee delicious, seasonal menus that give students a tasty meal full of essential nutrients, but at exceptional value too.

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Harrison has been creating enticing, nutritious food for decades. We provide delectable, balanced meals to schools and businesses. You can find out more about Harrison on our group site – just click below. You’ll also find some great recipes for you to try cooking our delicious meals for yourself!