, Step by step

Strawberry Cranachan

For the ultimate indulgent treat, serve with some homemade shortbread

Mark Stower, Director of Food and Service

Preparation Time: 10 mins

Cooking Time: 5 mins

Serves: 6


  • Step 1

    Lightly toast the oats in a dry pan over a medium heat and then leave to cool.

  • Step 2

    Put 80g strawberries into a blender with the icing sugar and blend to a smooth pureé.

  • Step 3

    Empty the yoghurt and crème fraîche into a large bowl. Put aside 2 tbsp of the toasted oats for garnishing and add the rest to the yoghurt mix.

  • Step 4

    Cut the remaining strawberries into halves (leave 6 whole for garnishing).

  • Step 5

    Place a spoonful of the pureé into the bottom of a sundae glass, put some of the yoghurt mixture on top and then add a layer of sliced strawberries. Layer in this order until you reach the top of the glass.

  • Step 6

    Top with some chopped strawberries, a spoonful of pureé and a drizzle of honey.


Traditionally, the British strawberry season used to last for only six weeks – from mid-June to August – but thanks to polytunnels, the season seems to get ever-longer and now runs from about April to well into the autumn, which is great news for this delicious fruit.

Tiny wild strawberries, which can still be found today, appear to have grown in Britain since the ice age over 10,000 years ago, but the British strawberry as we now know it was first developed as a hybrid of European and American fruits at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Strawberries are really low in calories, but are one of the best sources of vitamin C and are packed full of all sorts of other vitamins and minerals too. So they are great to fill up on if you are cutting calories.

Mark’s scrumptious recipe uses Greek yoghurt (which contains about 10% fat) and crème fraiche, which together make a lovely creamy dessert. But if you want to make it slightly lower in fat and a tad healthier, then it’s worth seeking out 0% fat Greek yoghurt and reduced fat crème fraiche – it will still have a lovely creamy texture to contrast with the freshness of the strawberries and the crunchy oats.