, Step by step

Sesame-coated turkey meatballs with noodles

This simple dish is perfect for the novice cook, or for the experienced cook who needs to make a quick mid-week meal for the family.

Mark Stower, Director of Food and Service.

Preparation Time: 15 mins

Cooking Time: 30 mins

Serves: 6


  • Step 1

    Mix the turkey mince with the chopped spring onions, half the garlic and half the chilli and season with salt and pepper. Roll this into 18 balls and then roll in the sesame seeds and place in the refrigerator for later.

  • Step 2

    Cut the pak choi into chunks and slice the mushrooms. Finely slice the mangetout into shreds.

  • Step 3

    Preheat the oven to 180°C. Place the meatballs on a baking sheet or in a shallow baking dish and cook for 20 minutes or until cooked completely through. Keep warm while you prepare the rest of the dish.

  • Step 4

    Heat up a wok on the stove. Add the sesame oil, then the rest of the garlic and chilli. Cook for 20 seconds, then add the spring onion sticks and mushrooms and cook for a further 1 minute on a high heat. Add the pak choi, mangetout and egg noodles and heat for a further 1 minute.

  • Step 5

    Place the noodles and vegetables into a large bowl and top with the meatballs. Scatter the coriander over the dish and serve.


A great dish, combining nutritious turkey and sesame seeds.

Stir-fried vegetables are quick to prepare, taste good, and are packed full of nutrients.