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Delicious meals, the freshest ingredients

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We work with national and local suppliers that we trust, which means fresher ingredients for more nutritious meals. The ingredients we use can be traced all the way to their source. This way we know for sure that what we’re delivering to you is of the highest quality.

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We’re genuinely passionate about flavours, nutrition and cooking. When you eat a Harrison meal, you’ll be able to tell from the first to the last bite that your food was prepared with care and made specifically with the customer in mind. This bespoke service is key to what makes Harrison the premier choice for anyone looking for tailored, innovative meals.

Always creative and inspiring cooking

Harrison is proud to be working with some of the most creative and inventive staff in the industry. Our team of expert chefs and nutritionist select fresh ingredients daily for dishes to delight and satisfy, all fitted to your requirements.

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Fabulous feel-good healthy food

We know all minds need nutrition to function at top capacity, whether your students are four-year-olds learning to spell or 17-year-olds revising for A levels. We also understand that packaged or jarred produce don’t always include the most reliable ingredients, which is why we don’t use them. Here at Harrison, we advocate healthier food that has both high nutritional value and flavours to excite your taste buds.

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From farm to fork

We’ve searched high and low for the best quality produce for our meals and have developed relationships with reliable suppliers. Creating mouth-watering meals means trusting your sources, so we only use fresh, traceable ingredients to ensure we’re working with the best possible products. Everything we cook is made from fresh ingredients, so it’s culinary innovation you can trust.

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Our commitment to quality ingredients is a testament to our dedication to providing excellent catering. We search high and low to source the best produce, using specialist suppliers with impeccable reputations. We’re also very proud to use Vegware Packaging – eco-friendly and completely compostable packaging.

whip up some tasty delights

Don’t worry if all this talk of Harrison food has got your taste buds tingling with envy – our chefs have shared several of their innovative recipes for you to try at home. Prepare some delicious, nutritious food for family and friends with our online recipes or, if you prefer some visual guidance, watch our videos.

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Harrison has been creating enticing, nutritious food for decades. We provide delectable, balanced meals to schools and businesses. You can find out more about Harrison on our group site – just click below. You’ll also find some great recipes for you to try cooking our delicious meals for yourself!