Gender pay gap

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

In accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 Harrison Catering Services has published its gender pay gap. We are committed to fairness, equality and inclusion in the workplace, whilst reducing our gender pay gap.

Harrison Catering Services employs over 1,800 people, serving over 100,000 meals per day across approximately 300 locations. Our purpose is dedicated to providing quality, fresh and seasonal food and our employees are at the heart of us achieving successful growth.

As at 5th April 2020, the company had a mean pay gap of 31.2% and a median pay gap of 29.2%. Our pay quartiles by gender illustrate the gender distribution within Harrison Catering Services across 4 equally sized quartiles.  At the snapshot date a significant number of employees were furloughed, however their exclusion from the figures does not significantly impact the reported percentages.

Upper Upper Middle Lower Middle Lower
34% Male - 66% Female 13% Male - 87% Female 5% Male - 95% Female 5% Male - 95% Female

The reasons for the predominance of women in the pay distribution, we believe is societal. We offer a large number of part time and term time roles, which our employees find fit in with their responsibilities outside the workplace.

We are confident we pay men and women doing the same roles equally, the median gender pay gap of 29.2% reflects the imbalance of males and females fulfilling particular roles. The imbalance of roles is typical for our industry.

The proportion of all employees awarded a bonus is illustrated below.

Male - 24% received a bonus. Female - 21% received a bonus

 The 3% difference between the number of males and females receiving a bonus for their performance is again due to the imbalance between the number of males and females fulfilling particular roles.

The mean bonus gap is 79.2% and the median bonus gap is 73.8%.

We are proud to report that within one of our largest contracts there is a profit share scheme which benefits over 330 colleagues, 97% of whom are women.

Harrison Catering Services is committed to ensuring employees are recruited and promoted based on their skills and demonstrating that they live our values; we offer an opportunity for all to access career development programmes.

Claire Aylward

Joint Managing Director

October 2021