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At Harrison Catering Services we are keen to recruit motivated individuals who are committed to on-the-job training and fully developing themselves.

We are able to offer apprenticeship opportunities which help to fill skill gaps that exist within the hospitality industry sector. We recognise the benefits of developing our own people with specialist knowledge to meet the business and client requirements. Its vitally important to both Harrison and the hospitality sector that we develop our people in the industry.

We currently offer hospitality apprenticeships up to Level 4 in conjunctionwith our training provider, ensuring  our team have craft skills and management skills to equip them in their work. These programmes are achieved through on-the-job development and a variety of off the job learning events for our leadership and management diplomas. At Harrison, we see apprentices as a future investment and for many years have grown our own staff through promotions in either their own site or another larger site.

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“ Apprentices are fundamental to the hospitality sector and we are pleased to be able to offer people a chance to learn new skills and thrive in our workplaces ”

Geoffrey Harrison

Chairman Harrison Catering Services