Our food

Cooking great tasting food daily

We only work with businesses that we trust, which means fresher ingredients for more nutritious meals. We only cook from fresh ingredients that you can trace all the way to their source. We care about what goes into our food and consider only the best produce for our cooking!

We’re genuinely passionate about flavours, nutrition and cooking. When you eat a dish prepared by Harrison chefs, you’ll be able to tell from the first to the last bite that your meal was prepared with care. It’s the kind of care you can taste.

Cooking with flair & skill

Our chefs just love food and that enthusiasm is infectious! Harrison has developed a group of highly skilled chefs and teamed them with an expert nutritionist. Their goal is to develop great-tasting menus that deliver the nutrition required to function at your best.

Tasty, healthy & nutritious food

We know all minds, both young and old, require nutrition to function properly. Here at Harrison, we advocate healthier food that has both nutritional value and flavours to whet your appetite.

Trusted specialist suppliers

We’ve searched high and low for the best quality produce for our meals and have developed relationships with reliable national and local suppliers. Creating mouth-watering food means trusting your sources, so we use fresh, traceable ingredients to ensure we’re working with the best possible products.

Quality ingredients

Our commitment to quality ingredients is a testament to our dedication to providing excellent catering. We source the best produce, using specialist suppliers with impeccable reputations. We’re also very proud to use Vegware Packaging – eco-friendly and completely compostable packaging.