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Prepared with care, always with pride

Harrison are as proud as pie

Harrison has been around making meals since 1994 and we’re proud to say they’re as deliciously moreish as ever. Our founder & Chairman, Geoffrey Harrison, believes the best meals are both delicious and nutritious and all the ingredients should come from trusted sources. It’s a vision shared by all at Harrison because we believe happy cooking makes for happy mealtimes!

The right ingredients for success

We know a thing or two about combining ingredients for the best possible result. At Harrison, we ensure we can check and double check our sources to be sure our ingredients are top notch. That doesn’t just apply to our food either because Harrison itself is a mix of the right ingredients – creative chefs, experienced managers, and an expert nutritionist team up for a delectable result.

Our awards

The proof of the pudding is in the eating

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Harrison has been creating enticing, nutritious food for decades. We provide delectable, balanced meals to schools and businesses. You can find out more about Harrison on our group site – just click below. You’ll also find some great recipes for you to try cooking our delicious meals for yourself!